HAARP Technology: Trukeye, Earthquake, Thanatology

Dr Asif Channer

It was early morning of February 6, 2023 when an earthquake with magnitude of 7.8 on Richter scale hit the Turkeye and the neighbouring Syria in the snow and cold drastically. The epicentre was found to be the south central part of the region, district pazarcik in province kahramanmaras as stated by the American geological society and Turkish disaster and emergency management authority (AFAD). The 10 cities have been badly affected. President Tayyip Erdogan has declared seven days of mourning and a state of national emergency for the 03 months. In addition more than 17000 buildings have been demolished completely. The major shock was followed by another shook of 7.5 magnitudes after 9 hours with resulted further losses as the incompletely damaged buildings collapsed like a pancake. Moreover, minor aftershocks are going on and would continue for few days to weeks as the expert opined. This is one of the worst earthquakes in the history acceding to world Health organization about 15,000 people has been died and more than 750000 have been injured and 3.5 million have been left without any roof and shelter. The figures are likely to be due to frigid weather condition and the search and rescue operations are going on. Previously the country faced the massive earthquake with the same magnitude of 7.8 in 1937 which resulted into about 37000 fatalities.

Amidst the earthquake a conspiracy theory has been echoing once again attributed by the possibility of intentionally abuse of the unique HAARP technology acquired and posed by USA

HAARP stands for Hyper Active Acoustic Research Program which was initiated in 1993 in Alaska by funding’s provided US Air force, Navy and related agencies. It was launched for better communication, navigation for army implication and security purposes. It was completed in 2014 later on in 2015 it was handed over to university of Alaska.

It may result into planned massive tsunamis, floods and earthquakes and extreme weather conditions, droughts etc. In addition its electromagnetic waves affect the brains of the Army troops deployed in any regions causing mental confusion and disorientation thus making them incapacitated to take proper and timely decisions. Another negative effect is on the biosensors of birds and animals disturbing their lives and movements as well.

There are strong speculations about this unusual earthquake in turkey to be declared it a well-planned manmade or technical disaster rather a natural disaster, as many scientists is showing their great concern over it. Many people in turkey have witnessed a visible lightening on the sky before the shake and the some videos have been vialled.

The doubts also raise due to the timings of earthquake and the geopolitical situation of the country and region as some think tanks of Netherlands were prophesying these major event in the region 03days back on February 3, 2023 and according to them the next phase might involve the China, Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, Nepal as well so they are warned to be well prepared.

This truth also cannot be ignored that aforesaid earthquake hit the countries in the regions like Jordan, Lebanon, cypress but surprisingly it did not even touch the boundaries of Israel

Importantly, Turkey is among a few Muslim countries who are champions of Muslims’ unity and are the depressed voice of the oppressed Muslims all over the world under the leadership of Tayyip Erdogan and has been USA target. His anti-American and pro Muslim ideology is crystal clear and the USA and the West are well aware of this fact.

Furthermore the next general elections in Turkeye has been scheduled on 14thMay 2023,one month before the due time and Tayyip Erdogan has a strong political role in the country over the last two decades and he is a potential President elect again hence it was the right time to influence the regime change in Turkeye as USA is blamed for in the world through socio-economic-political manipulation but this time by suspected technological terrorism.

At the same time some diplomats of USA and allies were not present in the region during the earthquake.

It also to draw the attention towards the technical point that aftershocks of earthquakes are experienced in the same fault zone as of the original one but amazingly all the aftershocks are being experienced in new fault zones in the region.

It is also noticed with a great concern that over the last two decades all natural disasters around the globe have been increasing in terms of intensity, magnitude and duration and at the same time are occurring and recurring out of time not naturally rather by climate control or modification for example 2010 earth quake in Haiti, 2010 Chile earthquake and tsunami, 2011 Japan earthquake and tsunami, 2006Philippines massive tsunami. 2010 and 2023 floods in Pakistan becoming suspicious and controversial.

The former Iranian Prime Minister Mahmood Ahmadi and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez have categorically blamed HAARP technology for these disasters and its future serious consequences.

Apparently, the USA has succeeded so far to achieve its hidden motives in turkey as the stable Turkish lira has touched the record lowest level and its stock market has crashed. Furthermore the tourism industry which is one of its major revenue generation sources would be affected enormously. So this not an Environmental disaster but a socio comic political turmoil and resultantly the Turkish public who’d show strong hatred towards Tayyip politics and influence the outcome of these coming elections.

As per rough estimate the turkey has suffered about 30 billion US Dollar losses. In addition the collapse of over 17000 buildings and other infrastructure would take longer time and huge money and patience for complete rehabilitation to stand against the America and represent the Muslim world.

It is also a growing concerns that HAARP technology might disturb not only the balance of power in the world but also the threaten and compromise the peace and mutual co-existence of the future generations as was surfaced in COP-27 Climate conference in Egypt last year where it was emphasised that the global warming is not due to climate change but it is probably it is linked to Harp technology.

In reality, HAARP Technogym is an excellent tool to control and modify the climate of any region of the world remotely thus moulding the socio- economic and geopolitical dimension of the countries hence it could be more potent weapon of mass destruction (WMD) than other nuclear, biological, chemical weapon. it is more powerful than fifth generation and cyber warfare and this event must be investigated thoroughly by impartial investigate agencies and be condemned at all levels. The globe is more vulnerable to this technology terrorism. It is concentrating power in the hand of its possessor.

Never forget the golden principle of peaceful mutual co-existence for human growth and development with equity and equality before it is too late!!! [Email:[email protected]]