Guests showered with foreign currency, mobile phones at Mandi Bahauddin’s big fat wedding


ISLAMABAD – Desi weddings are extravaganza events as families are known for their enthusiastic participation in the events.

From entering the wedding venue on a helicopter to weighing the bride equal to gold, weddings in South Asia are all about gimmicks while some of the rituals are ingrained in the culture.

Lately, a business tycoon in Mandi Bahauddin celebrated wedding of a family member by showering foreign currency and that’s at a time when foreign currency is short amid the deteriorating economic situation.

Video clips from the massive wedding events are doing rounds on the internet as the friends, and family of the groom showered mobile phones and currency notes from the rooftop of a marriage hall in northern Punjab city.


The influential family members continue to shower dollars and other foreign currency bills on masses who bring fish nets to rake the most out of it.

In another clip, the family members can be seen hurling gifts at the guests who get their hands on valuables. By the time the currency rain was over, many of the guests got something to show for their efforts.