Growers asked to take special care for plantation of new mango orchard


Agriculture department Sunday urged upon mango growers to take special care for the plantation of new mango orchards.

According to official sources, Assistant Director Agriculture Abdul Sammad stated that climate, preparation of soil, and selection of mango varieties were very important factors for installation of new mango orchards.

He remarked that the trend of in-creasing number of plants per acre was becoming popular. Dense plantations with low heights helped to reduce production cost, he stated.

The use of modern production technology, regular pruning every year, and use of the growth regulators to in-crease production made it possible to grow all varie-ties of mangoes at a short distance, said Abdul Sammad.

He said that sandy soil was not considered good for mango orchards. He also suggested the analysis of soil before planting mangoes. —APP

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