Growers allege non-judicious supply of water

Our Correspondent

Despite floods in Punjab and downpours in Sindh the growers of tail-end areas of district Sujawal are not getting their due share of irrigation water to irrigate paddy fields.

The paddy fields in Taluka Jati and Shahbunder are quickly drying owing to the scarcity of irrigation water.

All main waterways through which water is released to the tail-end areas that include Tango miner, Jati miner, Maliha Wah, Mir Khana Wah, Sher Kana canal have completely dried up.

According to local growers they had cultivated paddy after recent rainfall with the hope that they would get sufficient water to irrigate their paddy fields but the non- judicious supply of water has destroyed standing paddy crops.

Local growers complained that following the indifferent attitude of irrigation officials their paddy was drying.

They said that irrigation officials were facilitating a few influential landlords by discharging plenty of water in their agricultural lands to fulfill their needs while small growers had to face huge economic losses.

Dada Misri, a grower, said “ My heart bleeds to see my paddy crop being destroyed at the hands of artificial water shortage”.

Those officials and landlords involved in water-theft should be brought to book; he said with teary eyes.

Mohammad Bachal said that They did not know who was responsible for the water shortage but their paddy nurseries were drying because of an inadequate supply of water.

While talking to this correspondent, social activist Adil Laghari said; “Paddy is a sem-aquatic (high delta) crop that needs plenty of water to sprout and water released in these areas does not cater to the need of paddy.

He further said that stakeholders of the district and authorities concerned were not taking this matter soberly.

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