Grouping damages PTI’s campaign in Lahore by-polls


The by-election campaign of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) in Lahore has suffered as Imran Khan has failed to announce the candidates by the reason for grouping in the party.

Lahore is going to take a decision on four seats in the by-elections but no one candidate of the PTI is being observed as running his or her campaign in the city.

The sources said that the party chairman Imran Khan has not given a go-head to any candidate to run the by-election campaign.

By-elections on four seats in Lahore are going to be held on July 17 but PTI’s candidates are still hesitant.

In PP-167, the party office was closed after taking back the ticket from Atif Chaudhry and giving it to Shabir Ahmed. While the name of the candidate from PP-170 has not been finalized yet.

In PP-158, Akram Usman, a close relative of Mian Mahmood Rashid, is holding meetings with the workers.

The PTI candidates have been instructed that in the next few days party chairman Imran Khan will meet the candidates and finalize their names after the review during his visit to Lahore in the coming days.

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