Group show by various artist concludes



An exhibition of exquisite artworks by seventeen talented artists, titled ‘Under One Roof’, concluded at Satrang Art gallery on Monday to the applause of art lovers and students.

Among the artists, Aniqa Haider, a visual artist showcased her work that included illustration-based pieces for GenderIT Asia Edition and featured artworks for Digital Rights Monitor. Areej Nasir’s work was basically satirical comments based on her experiences living in one society.

Whereas, Azanat Mansoor explored various themes of dream sequences oscillating between fact and fiction. She reconstructed these images onto tangible surfaces traced through her dreams and memories and utilised a wide range of mediums like collage, photo transfer and drawing to document these experiences.

Dhoufishan Raza’s work revolved around concepts related to poetry, literature and music. “Living in the subcontinent, it’s almost impossible to not get inspired by the poets, artists, musicians, and scholars of this land. My work starts from a tiny single detail, and that is what defines that piece. It may be a form, a colour, a design, or a thought; I simply disintegrate things and then try to re-associate them by following a certain harmony which is a product of my own perception of this world,” she said about the work.

Emaan Pirzada’s work has been part of numerous prestigious shows and festivals in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, South Korea and UAE. She had the honour of representing Pakistan in the ‘Painting Old Buildings’ project in Cairo, Egypt.

Faten Suleman has been a part of several group shows in Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore and her creative artworks are found among many private collections. With over 20 group shows and a solo exhibition, Faten brings together subconscious thoughts meshed with surreal imagery. “My work started off with the idea of absence and loneliness even .—APP