Greek Coast Guard detained 124 migrants


The Greek Coast Guard has detained a yacht carrying 124 foreigners, possibly migrants, according to the Coast Guard.

The unidentified yacht with a large number of people on board was discovered on Monday morning by officials from the port of Milos, part of the group. Cyclades Islands in the Aegean Sea. A Coast Guard patrol boat and two private vessels were dispatched to the scene to provide assistance.

“All of the yacht’s passengers were safely brought ashore. At that time, there was a limited flow of water into the yacht, without any pollution of the marine environment,” the statement said.

The yacht is detained, the administration of the port of Milos is conducting a preliminary investigation.

A day earlier, 35 migrants aboard the yacht were detained near the island of Kythera, south of the Peloponnese, and two migrant carriers were arrested.—Agencies

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