hosts Annual Meetup 2022 in Lahore

31 hosted Annual Meetup 2022 in Lahore to celebrate and appreciate the achievements of its diligent teams.The distinguished event was graced by several notable figures, such as Chairman IMARAT Group Shafiq Akbar, President of the Advisory Board Lt. Gen. (R) Muhammad Haroon Aslam, Director Hospitality Farhan Javed and Group Director Arslan Javed.

While offering a few words of appreciation, Mr. Shafiq Akbar stated; “Only through hard work and dedication can we achieve true success, and today, we are gathered here to celebrate the persistent efforts towards’s vision of revolutionising the country’s real estate sector.”

Director FarhanJaved, in his address, put emphasis on the significance of hard work and passion, pushing forward the narrative of struggle and diligence. He further encouraged the participants to play their part in transforming the real estate sector, as this is the only way forward for the national interest and development of the nation.

During the event, participants, members, and teams were awarded certificates and prizes for their efforts and achievements throughout the year. These awards are a testament to the teams’ exemplary efforts all year round, further motivating them to achieve new heights in the coming year. is a leading real estate company in Pakistan that has gained a distinct identity in the real estate sector through innovative techniques and unconventional practices. It has reinvigorated its efforts to ensure every project works toward the betterment of the country.