Govt urged to start work on Chitral uplift schemes

Gul Hamaad Farooqi

Chitral Development Movement (CDM) has unanimously passed a resolution urging the government and responsible agencies to start immediate implementation of all those schemes which were inaugurated by CM, MPA or other leaders.

It also demanded that fund must be transferred to the account of the Deputy Commissioner for whose construction a formal tender has been awarded.

CDM important meeting was held here on Wednesday. The meeting was presided over by Qazi Ali Murad from Mastuj.

This was the first very important meeting of its kind as it was attended by the elders of all the valleys from Arandu to Brogel comprising over representative of different civil societies organization from both districts lower and upper Chittral.

For the first time in the history of the Upper District and Lower Chitral, a joint meeting of all the forums of Chitral was held which were striving to play a role in resolving regional issues beyond political, professional and personal interests.

It decided in the meeting that all contractors should be required to start work immediately after the transfer of land compensation.

Immediate and practical work should be started on Chitral Garm Chashma Road which has gone through the stages of inauguration many times.

Chitral Shandor Road and Chitral to Bumborat Road, fund for purchase of land should be immediately transferred to the account of Deputy Commissioner and practical work should be started.without any further delay funds should be provided for construction of Karimabad.

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