Govt urged to implement SOPs instead of closing down businesses



Chairman Businessmen Group (BMG) & Former President KCCI Zubair Motiwala and President Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KCCI) M. Shariq Vohra, while expressing deep concerns over the decision to once again close down dining in facility at all restaurants and many other businesses, stated that shutting down businesses to contain further spread of the pandemic was not the solution as it would only intensify the hardships for people hence, the government should devise effective strategy for strict implementation of SOPs instead of closing down businesses.

In a statement issued, the Chairman BMG and President KCCI said that millions of people associated with restaurants, hotels, cafes, cinema houses, indoor gyms, indoor sports and inland tourism etc.

would die of starvation instead of dying due to diseases triggered by the pandemic therefore, the government must understand the gravity of the situation and withdraw the unjust decision to once again close down numerous businesses.

“After going through the toughest time of their lives, the owners of restaurants, cinema houses and other businesses took the much-awaited sigh of relief as they were allowed to carry out their businesses but unfortunately within a few days, the Home Department has once again ordered them to close down which is highly unfair”, said Chairman BMG Zubair Motiwala, adding that majority should not be subjected to penal action like closing down.

He was of the view that all types of businesses have to be allowed to operate at full capacity with strict implementation of SOPs which is the only way to save the economy and the businesses from total collapse.

President KCCI Shariq Vohra said that the government, instead of taking action against those who were not abiding by the SOPs, has penalized all the businesses by ordering them to remain closed till July 31 which has triggered a lot of anxiety amongst businessmen who have been constantly approaching KCCI to seek assistance.

Keeping in view the overall situation and grievances suffered by the business and industrial community, President KCCI hoped that the Sindh government would provide the desperately needed relief to local businesses by completely revoking the order issued by Home Department on top priority so that the businesses and the economy could be saved from further disaster.


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