Govt urged to curb one wheeling


The residents of Sukkur urged traffic police authorities to curb one wheeling on the occasion of New Year. Most of the youngster, especially on Independence Day, Eid and New Year do one wheeling on their bikes on different roads of the city.

The residents of Sukkur also appealed the parents to strictly advise their children to avoid this dangerous stunt. The dangerous trend of one-wheeling continued unchecked on various roads as motorcyclists, mostly teenagers, were seen riding their motorcycles at full speed on single wheel.

The young motorcyclists most of them without helmet, are found on Station Road, Barrage Road, Workshop Road, Bander Road, Minara Road, and others. The youngsters, who resort to one-wheeling, often carry out dangerous stunts like lying flat, standing on motorbikes and driving with backs towards handles.—APP


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