Govt to provide relief to masses, says Abid



Senior leader Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Abid Sher Ali on Tuesday said that the government was aware of problems of the masses and it would resolve all issues soon. While addressing the journalists at local press club here, Abid Sher Ali claimed that PTI government had signed an agreement to end subsidies on petrol and electricity. There was no danger to PTI Chairman’s life, he said and claimed that Imran Khan was running campaign against institutions on social media.

Abid Sher Ali observed that government of PTI had paralyzed Pakistan politically, economically and morally. He stressed that PML-N government generated thousands of megawatts in the power system and also spent billions of dollar on outdated system of transmission. The senior PML-N leader alleged that Zain Qureshi, who was contesting election in by-polls, had offshore companies.—APP