Govt to ensure smooth supply of wheat on official fixed rates


Staff Reporter


Ministry of National Food Security and Research on Tuesday reaffirmed government’s commitment to ensure smooth supply of quality wheat on official fixed prices to fulfill the domestic requirements across the country.
According to the press statemnet issued by the ministry said that Prime Minister in recent cabinet meeting was also briefed about the availability of wheat and flour prices in the market, which decided to ensure uninterrupted supply of wheat across the country.
It was also decided that the government would ensure availability of flour on official fixed rates and would never allow any price hike and hoarding of the commodity in the country.
The statement further added that wheat importers were allowed to import the grains in order to bridge the gap between supply and demand, which will also discourage the hoarding and extra profiteering.
The ministry also seek public cooperation in order to discourage the hoarding and smuggling practices and asked them to point out such elements who were harming the national economy.
About the local wheat stocks, it said that about 26.059 million tons available in the country for catering the domestic consumption.
Punjab has started its wheat releases, whereas Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has lifted about 55,218 tons of wheat from PASSCO’s stock by July 19, 2020.
Besides, the provincial departments were also directed to make sure that there should be no complain of wheat and flour shortage in the country.
The provincial governments and allied departments were also cooperating with each other and MinNFS&R to ensure smooth supply of the commodity in the country.
The MinNFS&R was also facilitating private sector importers for ensuring adequate and timely imports of wheat in order to keep smooth demand and supply of grains and flour across the country, it added.

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