Govt to complete its constitutional tenure: Saad


Railways Minister Khwaja Saad Rafique has said that general elections would be held on time as the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) government would complete its constitutional tenure. Addressing the 50th death anniversary of his father here at a local hotel, he said that no one would be allowed to pressurize the government for early general elections, adding that it was legal and constitutional right of any government to complete its tenure.

Saad Rafique urged all the political parties that they will have to do a ‘Charter of Economy’ like the ‘Charter of Democracy’ to save the country and the nation. He criticized the national authorities who were involved to bring Imran Khan into power and suggested that they should also be accountable with the former Prime Minister for ruining Pakistan. The minister said now the said authorities have announced that they are non-political, so the responsibility has come 100 percent on the politicians.

He said no one can exclude anyone from politics oth-erwise Anwar Ibrahim would not have returned to power, adding that the alliance between landlords and the establishment has weakened the foundations of the country Saad said President Ayub Khan and other military rulers are dictators of the country who were being tried to make heroes wrongly, resultantly, despite the passage of 75 years, the country could not be fully independent. Federal Minister Saad said his complaint is with the country’s political parties and leadership.

Those who play with this country cannot es-cape under any circumstances, he added. He suggested that political parties must hold intraparty elections to save democracy in Pakistan.