Govt taking country to brink of economic collapse: Omar


Says all economic activities come to standstill

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Central Additional Secretary General Omar Ayub Khan made it clear that the imported government was taking the country fast to the verge of economic collapse due to its flawed policies and constant surge in POL prices, resultantly bringing the country’s economic wheel to a grinding halt. Addressing a press conference here on Tuesday, he said that the imported government would further pile up the miseries of the people, as the petrol price would go up to Rs 320 per liter in coming days, while OGRA has already approved 4-fold increase in gas price.

He said that in this environment of spiraling inflation and the fast dwindling economy, the people suffered the most. Omar went on to say that the imported government was reducing electricity voltage from grade stations due to which homes and industries were not getting sufficient electricity, resultantly the country was facing the worst power outages.

He warned that the imported government has completely failed and was leading the country to disaster, as it made next to impossible for the rank and file to make ends meet. Talking about PTI government performance, Omar stated that the economic survey testified that the PTI government was performing exceptionally well. However, he raised the question as to why the need arises for a change of government?

Omar stated that Muftah Ismail admitted that expensive power deals done during the PML-N era were wrong, which was the main contributor to the current power crisis that’s rear its ugly head again. He said that around 70% of electricity was generated through imported fuel, which was very expensive. However, he made it clear that there was zero load shedding during PTI government, crediting to the prudent policies of Imran Khan-led government.

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