Govt should keep close eye on elements fanning ethnic violence: Altaf Shakoor


Pakistan Democratic Party (PDP) Chairman Altaf Shakoor has said that the government should keep a close eye on elements who want to fan ethnic violence and hatred in Sindh.

Condemning in strong words the recent wave of violence in Sindh after a clash between two groups in Hyderabad over an alleged financial dispute, he said the reaction of the Sindh government to this incident was painfully slow. He said the government should take strict action against illegal migrants living and working in the country.

He said these illegal migrants are mostly involved in criminal activities but due to poor administration and corrupt policing system they not only freely roam around the country but work and do business in many cities and towns.

Altaf Shakoor said that the Waderas sitting in assemblies are responsible for poor law and order in Sindh. He said corruption is rife in all departments, especially in district administration and police. He said these corrupt government officials suit Wadera politicians for continuing their malpractices.

He said the recent ethnic riots and tension in Sindh before the second round of the local bodies’ elections would help some vested interests to get votes on the basis of ethnicity, which is not a healthy trend.

He said we need national unity and cohesion instead of ethnic and linguistic divide. He said his party has been demanding for a long to make a broad based ‘Pakistani language’ by making one alphabet and script for all Pakistani languages including Urdu. He said it would ensure helping a better national cohesion and unity.

He said our first identity is that we are Pakistani, irrespective of where we live and to which mother tounge we belong.

He said his party is in favor of giving all major languages of Pakistan the status of national languages besides making Urdu the official language of Pakistan practically.

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