Govt has nothing to do with NAB affairs: Chohan


Punjab minister for information Fayyaz-ul -Hassan Chohan has said that NAB is an independent institution and the matters concern Sharif family and NAB only while federal and provincial government has nothing to do with the NAB matters.
Reacting to grant of bail to PML-N President Shahbaz Sharif from Lahore High Court, he said Shahbaz Sharif reached the court from Model Town without any hindrance.
The ministers are in the government therefore, they are having information in respect of all institutions.
Chohan said Shahbaz Sharif has to fire what guns and hydrogen bomb in budget. Sometimes he talks of locust attack and sometime of 18th Amendment. For how long he will escape from corruption cases.
He will come under the orbit of NAB and investigation agencies one day in corruption cases. He said that NAB is an independent institution and government does not interfere in its affairs.