Govt has no mechanism to recover plundered wealth


Jamaat-e-IslamiAmeer Senator Sirajul Haq has said if the affluent people wanted to protect their wealth, they would have to give the poor the right to live.
He said that a system in which poor were crushed economically and the wealth of the rich multiplied within days, was not acceptable at all. He was talking to JI Kisan leader Arsalan Khan Khakwani, who called on him at Mansoora.
Stating that Islam did not allow concentration of wealth in a few hands, Sirajul Haq said that Pakistan’s real issue was not the dearth of resources. Instead, it was the inequitable distribution of resources besides the concentration of wealth in a few hands.
Islam, he said, enjoined the circulation of wealth. However, he said, that the people who remained in power in the country, had been increasing their wealth through unfair use of their political and official influence. He said the government did not have any mechanism to recover the plundered wealth because if the plunderers were still sitting in the government, who would take them to accountability.
Sirajul Haq said the JI wanted across the board accountability and an interest free economic system in which the poor and the rich were provided equal opportunities to earn.
He said that till the time the workers were made partners in the profits of profit earning institutions/ factories and the farmers were made partners in the farm produce, the plight of the workers and the farmers would not improve.
He said that revolutionary measures were required to end the economic exploitation of the poor and added that the primary step in this direction was the elimination of interest based economy in line with the constitution of the country and the introduction of the system of Zakat and Ushr.
Continuing, Sirajuil Haq said that locusts had destroyed crops over vast areas but the government was not taking the matter seriously. He counseled the masses to be determined to save the crops from locusts and their future generations from corruption mafia.
He said the locusts have eaten away crops while the corrupt rulers have destroyed nation’s generations.