Govt has frozen my accounts, unlawfully withdrew money from accounts: Dar



The Pakistan Muslim League central leader and former finance minister Ishaq Dar has said that the incumbent government has resorted to negative tactic against him and was taking every possible step to malign him. ‘They have not only frozen my all bank accounts, but unlawfully withdrew money from the accounts as well as cancelled my passport’ said Ishaq Dar in a video massage on Sunday.
He said the people with the helm of affairs were perturb over raising of my voice against the injustice being done to him, adding he has received messages from these people who, he said has strong resentment against me of exposing them. ‘They are harassing and coercing me for speaking truth, but their tactics would not let me halt from exposing them’, he maintained.
Dar pointed out that the house of former dictator president Prevez Musharraf who had abrogated constitution of the country twice and sent honorable judges behind the bar was sealed and his bank accounts were frozen on the order of the court but now his residence was not only unsealed, but his family members were also allowed to withdrew all the money from his accounts.
‘Who are those elements more powerful than the judiciary, facilitated to unlawfully withdraw money from the freeze accounts of the former dictator’ he posed a question. He said judges were in dilemma and asking for this strange happening of missing money from the frozen accounts but they are not getting satisfactory reply for the mystery by the concerned quarters.
Expressing his resentment over what he said, uttering irresponsible statement by the Prime Minister Imran Khan during his recent visited to the United State that Pakistan could roll back its nuclear programme if India first does the same, he warned ‘Pakistan should not thinking of such misadventure even if the neighboring country ready to do so’, he asserted.

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