Govt giving subsidy of Rs1.5b to provide cheap gas to tandoors



Punjab Minister for Industries, Trade, Information & Culture Mian Aslam Iqbal has said that the government is giving a subsidy of 1.5 billion rupees to provide cheap gas to tandoors and price of 100 gram roti will remain Rs6.
Speaking during a meeting with various delegations in his camp office here on Thursday, Mian Aslam said that to provide relief to the common man, the government was giving subsidy of Rs.42 billion on wheat, therefore, the government would not allow to increase flour price.
He said that sale of roti and naan on previous rates would be ensured and self-price hiking of roti and naan would not be tolerated.
He said that Punjab was the only province which procured the wheat on government level and ensured the return of cultivator of their hard work.
The minister alleged that former so-called Khadim-e-Aalla wasted billions of rupees in the name of sasti roti scheme. He added that the said scheme was not launched for providing relief to the common man but to facilitate corrupt elements who filled their coffers.
He said that former corrupt rulers would be held accountable for wasting national resources on the projects like sasti roti, ashyana housing scheme, laptop and other self-directed and exhibitory projects.
Mian Aslam said that the PTI government was determined for making new Pakistan under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan. Equal opportunities for progress would be made available a new Pakistan and there will be supremacy of merit and justice in new Pakistan, he pledged.
He further said that interest of common man was very much important for the PTI government and keeping in mind schemes of public welfare, it launched housing projects, health card and Panahgah.—INP

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