Govt fudging numbers to ‘befool’ people: Abbasi

Staff Reporter

Shahid Khaqan is fudging numbers and “befooling the people”, warned that the budget for 2021-22 has new taxes worth Rs343 billion.

Addressing a media here, Abbasi said that when Imran Khan’s government came, new taxes worth Rs1,200 billion were imposed in the country but despite that, only an additional Rs800b could be raised.

“The budget is based on lies. It is a fake budget and the government will gut the people to complete its targets,” he said.

“This is the country’s first government which is lying so brazenly and has no shame in doing so,” he added.

The PML-N leader said that the government claims revenues of Rs1,150b, but has not specified the source of this income.

Abbasi, providing his own figures, claimed that the government which was touting a 24% increase in income, could not increase income by 20% even in the last three years.

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