Govt forms commission to probe ‘foreign conspiracy’


Lt-Gen Tariq Khan refuses to head probe body

Federal Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry on Friday said that the government had decided to present the contents of the threat letter, which purportedly contains “evidence” of a foreign conspiracy hatched to oust Prime Minister Imran Khan, in the National Assembly today and had also constituted a commission to probe the alleged conspiracy.

At a media talk after the federal cabinet meeting, he claimed that “original records of the cipher, only available with the government, would be kept in front of the parliament”.

“If, even after that, they [the opposition] want to go with the no-confidence vote, then the people of Pakistan will decide who’s standing where,” Chaudhry said.

He revealed that the commission, led by Lt Gen (retd) Tariq Khan, would investigate all the “characters” behind the no-trust move and expose them in front of the nation.

But on the other hand Lt-Gen (retd) Tariq Khan has refused to head the government’s commission that was formed to probe the “threat letter” allegedly sent from the United States, sources within his family told media on Friday.

According to a private news channel, Lt-Gen (retd) Khan has conveyed his decision to the government.Fawad said that “It will see if the communique exists and whether it contains the threat of regime change.

The commission will also disclose the local handlers who were used to take forward this foreign conspiracy.” “Of course, not everyone from the opposition was involved in it. But there were some people who knew what the conspiracy was, who was behind it and where it came from.”

He claimed that eight dissident MNAs were directly approached by a “foreign embassy” to initiate the no-confidence movement. “Our intelligence agencies have records of their meetings. This commission will review the meetings, what was discussed [in them], the commitments made [in them] and how the plan was chalked out,” Chaudhry said.


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