Govt employees told not to use social media

Staff Reporter

The government on Saturday restrained all its employees from using social media platforms.

A notification issued by the Establishment Division stated that under the Government Servants (Conduct) Rules, 1964, no government servant can participate in any social media platform except with the permission of the government.

“Rule 18 of the Rules ibid bars a government servant from sharing official information or document with a government servant unauthorized to receive it or a private person or press,” read the notification.

“Further, Rule 22 of the Rules ibid refrains a government servant from making any statement of fact or opinion which is capable of embarrassing the Government in any document published or in any communication made to the press or in any public utterance or television programme or radio broadcast delivered by him or her.”

The notification said that Rules 21, 25, 25-A and 25-B of the Rules barred a government servant from expressing views against ideology and integrity of Pakistan or any government policy or decision.

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