Govt decreased petroleum prices by Rs 35: Aleem


Senior Minister Punjab Abdul Aleem Khan has said that in the last three months the government has reduced the prices of petroleum products by up to Rs. 35 which will have positive effects on every sector and the common man will be in real relief.
He was of the view that the fruits of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s efforts for economic stability have begun to bear benefits and even in these unfavorable circumstances, a significant reduction in the rate of inflation has been directly linked with the uplift of common man.
Senior Minister Punjab Abdul Aleem Khan added that Prime Minister Imran Khan has also announced a big aid package to provide relief to the small business community which will not only support their businesses but also make Pakistan a strong economy in the days to come.
He said that a better strategy could not have been possible in the event of a global epidemic like Corona.
The Government has made practical efforts to provide relief to the citizens using all available resources which is less to be appreciated.
He said that the criticism of the opposition was completely unwarranted as it was time to put forward the objective of service instead of politics and there was a need to do one’s part to get the people out of this predicament, in the wider national interest. He said that it is high time that hands of the Government be strengthened and avoid criticism for the sake of criticism.
Senior Minister Abdul Aleem Khan said that the situation of Corona in Pakistan is much better than other countries and we should pray to Allah Almighty for better conditions and play our collective and individual role to bring maximum relief to the citizens.