Govt decides to allow more seminary boards


Staff Reporter


In a significant progress towards the registration of religious seminaries across the country, the federal education ministry has decided to establish new examination boards for the madrassas, according to the documents sent to the seminaries.
There are already five examination boards for the madrassas in the country. However, in view of rising numbers, the ministry has decided to set up more boards and had sent the documents along with the terms and conditions, to the madrassas.
According to the available documents, a new examination board, comprising at least five Muftis, Shaykh-ul-Hadith and Madrasa heads with at least 10 years of experience, can apply to the ministry of education, along with the list of at least 10% of madrassas.
Institutions having a university charter or affiliated to a public sector university will be allowed to form a federation. In that case a ministry team would visit the new federation and its affiliated institutions and submit its report.
The documents require madrassas to provide the location and details of their board office, including the number of rooms and particulars of the staff, the aims and objectives of the institution, its constitution, syllabus, bank account, names of the members of the central executive committee or Shura.
Details of the affiliated university or universities would also be provided, along with details of at least 10 scholars affiliated to the board, certificates to be issued by the institution, admission form, Shura meeting minutes, besides the procedure and description of the examination system.
The education ministry has also sought assurances from the madrassa federation [examination board] that it will not be involved, directly or indirectly, in political or illegal activity. The board must ensure that no political figure was appointed to any key position in the organisation.
The ministry has assured that religious schools and universities would have their own curriculum, and completely independent and autonomous in financial affairs, examination system and organisational and internal affairs. They will be required to submit annual audit report by Muharram 30.
The ministry has said that registration of all madrassas and the universities affiliated to the federation as an educational institution will be mandatory. The ministry will issue visas to the foreign students of the registered madrassas.

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