Govt all set to launch Ehsaas Langar in Islamabad


Staff Reporter

With the aim of making Pakistan, a ‘welfare state’, Ehsaas Langar scheme is a welcome move of the incumbent government to reduce inequality and invest in people through public private partnership model.
The whole set up has been established jointly by Poverty Alleviation and Social Safety Division and Saylani Welfare International Trust within a period of less than a month as Prime Minister had directed Ehsaas to launch this initiative without any delay, a press release said on Sunday. Ehsaas is opening its first Langar in Islamabad, where free distribution of charity food will be held regularly among the deserving and marginalized. Under the overarching umbrella of Ehsaas, this is the first scheme of the government of Pakistan that has been set up as a public private partnership.
This ‘Ehsaas Langar Scheme’ will be stretched out to a scale across the country providing everyday meals to people in need. Reflecting on this collaborative public private initiative, Dr. Sania Nishtar, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Social Protection and Poverty Alleviation stated, ‘Ehsaas Langar’ is a totally different scheme that has been established on the special instructions of the Prime Minister of Pakistan to make sure that the charity reaches out the deserving.
It is indeed, the highest honour for Ehsaas to feed the poor with respect and dignity’. The SWIT partnering with Ehsaas on this Langar initiative is a reputable Pakistani charity focusing on social welfare of the poor and distressed. The Trust endeavors to provide the quality services in areas including food, education, medical and social welfare free of cost to the marginalized people.

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