Governor visits Mazar-e-Quaid, pays tributes to Father of Nation


Sindh Governor Kamran Khan visited the Quaid’s Mazar and recited Surah Fatiha. On this occasion, he also prayed for the progress, prosperity and security of the country and the province.

He also wrote his remarks about Quaid He said that Quaid-i-Azam brought freedom to the oppressed Muslims of the sub-continent with his passionate leadership.

When the father of the nation took over the leadership of the Muslims of the subcontinent, they were in despair, he said and added that Muhammad Ali Jinnah took the command of a dispersed nation and instilled the spirit of freedom in them.

He said that Muhammad Ali Jinnah made the impossible possible by giving freedom to the Muslims in a short span of time. The establishment of
Pakistan is the result of his great leadership skills, he observed.

Governor Sindh said that the present conditions of the country require adopting the guiding principles of our great leader. The creation of a welfare society can only put the dream of the great leader to reality.

Floods in Sindh have caused massive destruction, and by adopting Quaid’s
philosophy of work, work and only work can be used to combat this natural calamity.

“I am sure that with hard work we will get rid of these difficulties very soon as these entire nations is helping the flood victims by showing solidarity and unity” he concluded.

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