Governor to undergo test after 15-days isolation


Sindh Governor Imran Ismail has said that he will undergo Covid-19 test again as he had completed 15 days in isolation. He said that he faced all symptoms of Covid-19 after tested positive for the virus. “I felt that I am not infected with coronavirus during the initial days but the symptoms emerged afterwards. I will undergo for Covid-19 test again in one or two days.” The governor said that he has completed 15-day isolation today and witnessed a very different world during the period. The 15 days were very difficult to him, however, he paid full attention to his health, said Imran Ismail. Ismail said that he was infected with the virus due to his own carelessness. To a question, he replied that a summary had been forwarded by the Sindh government which was returned later as the provincial authorities could not instruct the federal government to waive bills. Earlier on May 7, the governor announced in a Twitter message that he was tested positive again for coronavirus against his expectations. He also thanked those prayed for his early recovery and vowed to fight the virus. Regarding the symptoms of the virus.