Governor sends back copter legislation to govt

Haji Ghulam Ali


Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has sent back legislation on the use of official helicopter for review to the government on Wednesday. Talking to media, Governor Haji Ghulam Ali urged the government for new legislation over the matter. “According to the bill, the official helicopter can be given to ministers, advisers and special assistants for use,” governor said. “I have told them to review the bill over the use of the government helicopter,” he further said.

“What was the need of the new legislation on official helicopter,” he questioned. “A copter has been out of work and another under the use of the chief minister,” he further said. “We are clearing the dirt of the past,” Haji Ghulam Ali said.Barrister Saif’s statement has been at variance to the provincial government, Ghulam Ali said. “I will knock the door of the court over the bill,” KP governor said. “I had thrice requested for helicopter,” he said. “We want to demand the rights of the province alongside the provincial government from the federation,” he said.—APP