Governor in a haste


PUNJAB Governor Omar Sarfraz Cheema, who will be on his way out in a few days if relevant constitutional provisions are upheld, seems to be in a haste to make things murkier for new Chief Minister of the province Hamza Shehbaz, who has duly been elected by the Provincial Assembly.

He has written a letter to the Army Chief asking him to “play his due role in the implementation of the constitutional framework in the province”.

And in a letter to the Prime Minister, he has claimed “no power can bar me from stopping your son’s unconstitutional actions”, a phrase that reflects his obstructionist mindset and scant respect for dignity and neutrality of his, otherwise, exalted office.

Recent events and developments on political, parliamentary and judicial fronts send a loud and clear message to all that the Constitution and the rule of law reign supreme and that relevant institutions and systems are in place to check violations and transgression of authority.

Punjab Governor was one of those, who tried to trespass their authority and power for the sake of party interests but the judiciary played its role in resolving the crisis triggered by self-centred actions and strategies of some public office holders.

There is no doubt that Hamza became CM with the support of dissident members of PTI and the Election Commission is currently processing their case for possible disqualification as envisaged in the constitutional scheme of things.

Willing and voluntary support of dissidents to the candidate of their choice should never have been used as a justification by any office bearer including Governor, the Speaker and Assembly Secretariat to thwart the process of election of leader of the house through unfair means including violence against Deputy Speaker and MPAs, scenes watched by the entire nation.

Elections were held as per directives of Lahore High Court and its larger bench is set to hear a petition against it after Eid holidays.

Under these circumstances, one fails to understand the justification to make calls to the Army to intervene (as is also being openly done by Sheikh Rashid).

Such instances raise serious questions about commitment of politicians to the democratic and constitutional processes.