Governor hails role of Christian community in Pakistan Movement


Governor Punjab Muhammad Balighur Rehman has said that the Christian community played an important role in the creation of Pakistan.

Speaking at the launch of Raja Nathaniel Gill’s book “Role of Christians in Pakistan Movement” during a ceremony at the Governor’s House here on Thursday, he said he congratulated Raja Nathaniel Gill for writing an interesting and unique book, adding that the Christian community played a very important role in the freedom movement.

Governor Punjab said, after the creation of Pakistan, Christians has not only played a significant role in the development of the country, but the services of the Christian community in the fields of education, health, judiciary and defense are unforgettable.

He said Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PML-N) has always given importance to all minorities including the Christian community, adding that Senator Kamran Michael is the first ever minority minister who got the opportunity to present the budget of Punjab.

He further said writers are asset of the country and the nation, who lead the society and the governments in the right direction by pointing out different problems.

While speaking on this occasion, other speakers said that the role of the Christian community in the formation of Pakistan is unforgettable.

They said PML-N has always given more importance to the minorities as compared to the other political parties, the clear example of which is making Senator Kamran Michael the finance minister.

They said other parties made minority affairs minister from minorities, but for the first time elevating a minority MPA as finance minister is the unique honor for the PML-N.

Former Federal Law Minister Dr. Khalid Ranjha, Mufti Ashiq Hussain, Dr. James Chanan, Victor Azaria and Imran Gill also spoke at the event.


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