Governor for immediate facilitation of chemical industry


Governor Punjab Muhammad Balighur Rehman said on Tuesday that considering the growth opportunities in chemical sector and the current economic situation of the country, it had become inevitable to take immediate steps to facilitate ease of doing business for the chemical industry.

He was speaking at the inaugural ceremony of two-day expo “Pakistan Chemical Expo 2023” held here at Expo Center under Pakistan Chemicals Manufacturers Association (PCMA).

KPK Governor Haji Ghulam Ali and Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Industries and Production Tasneem Ahmed Qureshi was also present.

The Governor said that holding the expo to highlight the investment and trade potential in the chemical industry was an appropriate step in the right direction. This exhibition would play an important role in introducing Pakistan’s chemical industry to the international market and promoting it globally. He said, “I am pleased that Pakistan’s chemical industry, recognizing its corporate social responsibility, not only considers but has always been adhered to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for the betterment of the environment.”

He further said that in current economic situation of the country, urgent steps were needed to provide facilities at the government level to business and investment in chemical sector. “I hope that the PCMA will continue to play its vital role in further strengthening the relationship between industry and government, and exploring new opportunities internationally. And I assure you that in this journey towards the growth and betterment, the government will not only help you in every possible way and but also introduce incentives and facilities to promote the chemical industry.”

On this occasion, KPK Governor Haji Ghulam Ali said the expo would help Pakistan chemical industry to make its way in international market. Importing of raw material in Pakistani currency would create a positive impact on country’s economy, he added.

Pakistan Chemicals Manufacturers Association Chairman Jai Kumar, Senior Members Haroon Ali Khan, Khalid Pervaiz, Qazi Khalid, Zafar Mehmood, Government officials, and representatives of other chambers of commerce and trade associations of the country also participated in the inauguration ceremony.

PCMA Chairman Jai Kumar said that more than 100 industries related to chemical sector and concerned departments of renowned universities had set up their stalls and renowned scientists from more than 15 countries would share their modern researches in the following conferences. He said that despite its importance, chemical sector in Pakistan had not yet been properly exploited.

That was the reason Pakistan Chemical Manufacturers Association was not only advocating for long-term petrochemical complex projects but also introducing bio-economy projects to take full advantage of the resources available in Pakistan. First time, he mentioned, raw material had been imported from Saudi Arabia in Pakistani currency.

“We request the government to formulate a comprehensive and integrated chemical policy in consultation with all stakeholders including PCMA to remove the bottlenecks and grab full advantage of the growth opportunities in this industry,” he suggested.