Gomal University converting electricity into solar energy, says VC


Another excellent initiative by Vice Chancellor Gomal University Professor Dr. Iftikhar Ahmed to reduce the financial crises of the university and get the university back on its feet, Instruct SDO Electrical Fasihullah to solarize the power system of all campus departments of the university by next month.

According to the details, Vice Chancellor Gomal University Prof. Dr. Iftikhar Ahmed directed SDO Electrical Fasihullah of the university that the monthly electricity bills of Gomal University comes close to one crore which becomes around twelve crore annually. Therefore, all the departments of Gomal University should be immediately shifted to solar system and this bill should be brought to zero, which on the one side will get rid of the problem of load shedding and on the other side will reduce the most important Gomal University crises.

He further said that in the first phase of shifting the university to solar system, the Vice Chancellor’s Secretariat and another adjoining building (service block) were shifted to solar system in which we succeeded.

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