GO & PAPCO sign white oil pipeline multigrade project

Staff Reporter

Pakistan’s fastest growing oil marketing company, Gas & Oil Pakistan Ltd. (GO) signed a White Oil Pipeline Multigrade Project Throughput Agreement with Pak Arab Pipeline Company (PAPCO).

GO is also celebrating 900 retail outlets, the largest net-work in the private sector, and continues to forge ahead with its ambitious plan.

Highlighting the company’s strong commitment to the people, Mr. Khalid Riaz, CEO, GO and Zeeshan Tayyeb, COO, GO explained, “The project will now enable transport of petrol in addition to diesel through the White Oil Pipeline.

Once fully imple-mented, all upcountry movement of petrol and die-sel will be through the pipeline which will not only reduce transportations costs and improve road safety for the general public but will also have a positive impact on the environment by reducing pollution, traffic and carbon footprint.

GO continues to hold on to its position of Paki-stan’s fastest growing OMC. GO’s core foundation is built on serving the needs of customers in every corner of Pakistan.

After completing one of the largest storage networks in the country, the speed at which we are expanding our retail network is a tes-tament to our commitment to Pakistan.

We also continue to ensure that our customers get the highest quality products and services that exceed their ex-pectations.

GO is also investing in new products for our cus-tomers that include EV chargers to have a sustain-able business and reduce the carbon footprint of our operations by rapidly deploying solar energy solu-tions.”

The company’s announcement is part of their ambi-tious business growth strategy that will enable them to cater to their customers round-the-clock, in all seasons and in every situation. It is one of the lead-ing OMCs to incorporate state-of-the-art tools and high-tech resources.

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