Global Human Rights NGO raise serious concerns on situation in India

Observer Report
New York

The New York based leading international Human Rights watchdog, *Human Rights Watch*, has expressed grave concerns regarding the deteriorating situation of human rights in extremist-led India.

The recently published *World Report-2021*, extensively covers the persecution of minorities and low-caste persons in India,ever since the Hindutva radicals came into power.

The report focuses on the plight of minorities specially Muslims, who are facing a struggle for their survival in India and it laid bare the tall-claims of the BJP government regarding its illegal steps in IIOJK.

It reveals that the Indian Minorities face life-threatening situations in India as Muslims and Christians are hacked to death by Hindu radicals.

The controversial laws of CAA and the revocation of special constitutional status of Muslim majority IIOJK, indicates a highly biased agenda of the Indian government.

The report also highlights the marginalised natives of north eastern states of Assam, Manipur and Tripura, who feel highly insecure in their own lands after the introduction of Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). The report calls for immediate steps to safeguard the rights of Minorities in India.