Girls in paktia take to streets in protest of closed schools


Dozens of girls above the sixth grade in Paktia took to the streets on Saturday after not being allowed to attend school in the province.

The girls demonstrating on the streets criticized the closing of girl’s schools and again requested that the Islamic Emirate reopen their schools.

“The fact that the schools are closed shocks us. We don’t know if we’ll be tested or not when the schools are closed and the girls aren’t allowed to go to class,” said Muzhda, a student.

“We urge the Islamic Emirates to open schools for girls so that they can continue their studies,” said Lima, another student.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, Rina Amiri, the US special envoy for women’s rights and human rights in Afghanistan, said that she spoke with Indonesian officials about the access of education for Afghan boys and girls.

“Honored to visit the Grand Imam and women’s ulema in Jakarta. Also delighted to see Afghan graduates among the [Islam International Indonesia University] student body. Looking forward to continuing discussions with Istiqlal & IIIU to expand such educational opportunities to more Afghan women & men,” Amiri tweeted.

A week ago, the administration of schools in the Samkani district and Gardiz city in Paktia reopened five schools that had been closed for a year.

“Education is the natural and Islamic right of girls. It has been more than a year since schools have been closed for girls. The Taliban did not fulfil their commitments in this regard and are oblivious to the fate of girls,” said Parwiz Khalili, university lecturer.

This comes as The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has said that three million girls are deprived of education in Afghanistan.

“3 million. That’s the estimated number of girls in Afghanistan who are not allowed to complete their secondary education. This needs to change. Now,” UNICEF tweeted.

“Girls attending school brings optimism to Afghanistan’s progress,” said said Najibullah Jami, university lecturer.

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