Girl’s abducted in broad daylight in front of police

Staff Reporter

Over a dozen of armed men were caught on camera abducting a girl in the broad daylight from outside a DSP office in Chishtian, in Bahawalnagar on Monday.

The video of the incident showed a dozen armed men surrounding a vehicle and trying to break its glasses.

In another step, two people could be seen dragging the girl from outside the vehicle and shifting her to another vehicle.

According to a local private TV channel correspondent, the girl was a resident of village Bakhshan Khan and was abducted as she was on her way for a court proceeding over a misunderstanding.

The sources said that the girl was abducted by the armed men over a misunderstanding and was later dropped few miles ahead after being identified.

The entire episode occurred outside the DSP office in Chishtian, however, the cops posted outside it did not respond to the abduction bid.

When asked to comment, the officials said that they were outnumbered by the armed men and were therefore unable to act promptly against the alleged attackers.


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