Girl students prefer technical, vocational edu


Majority of the girls students give preference to get admission in any technical and vocational institution. According to a research study conducted by a private organization, the trend of technical and vocational education by female students was on rise in the country to avail better job opportunities in future. It said that this trend was prevailing in mainly urban areas due to lack of job opportunities for those who spend their sixteen years in education but fail to get any job while on other hand those who get study from technical institutions avail job importunity easily. The study claimed that the perception in girls youth of safe future from technical education compelled them to get admission for two or three year long technical course or six month short course and than start earning for their family. It said that these days female are more inclined towards technical education comparatively to other fields so that it could be beneficial for them to be able to do something productive in society for livelihood for their family. The report said that this trend was making a tremendous impact on the quality of life of women folk. Naila an ex student of technical and vocational institute said “after completing six month short course of beautician.—APP


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