Gillani-Barred from travel but not silenced Pakistan has sustained more losses than other nations in war against terrorism

Observer Report

Former Prime Minister and a Leader of the Opposition Yousaf Raza Gilani name has not been removed from ECL yet .

Due to which he had not been able to attend recently held conference in Oslo Norway on the invitation by Foundation Dailouge for Peace and had to deliver his speech on webinar.

During his speech he said it is a great honour and pleasure for him to address this esteemed forum that brings together a very distinguished group of people with such diverse backgrounds and expertise he said.

He said Pakistan stance on Security, extremism and terrorism all hold great relevance for my country. Pakistan continues to lead the global war on terror as a frontline state for almost two decades now.

He said “It is here that I feel the need to highlight the true suffering that my country has endured over these two decades.”

In the fight against terrorism, Pakistan has lost more than 70,000 precious people, and a loss of over $130 billion to its economy. In fact, Pakistan has sustained more losses than those sustained collectively by other nations as part of the global coalition against terror. These are indeed terrifying numbers for any nation to even imagine, let alone suffer.

Yet, Pakistan braved these colossal losses on socio-economic, developmental and human fronts, and worked through a multi-tiered yet coherent strategy across all key government and security institutions.

Despite a successful cleansing, our national resolve to defeat and banish terror from its roots remains firm. And today, Pakistan stands as the most experienced nation in countering terror-

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