Ghor’s ancient minaret of Jam in danger of collapsing

Sarba Falak, Afghanistan

The Minaret of Jam, a historic structure located in the western province of Ghor, is on the brink of collapse, provincial officials said on Friday.

the Minaret of Jam was registered with the UNESCO world heritage site in 2002. It stands between the Harirood river and the outskirts of Sarba Falak.

“If attention is not paid to the condition of the minaret, we will soon see the collapse of the minaret and it is a big shame.

The officials at UNESCO should pay attention to this issue,” said Abdul Hai, head of Ghor’s information and culture department.

“During the past 20 years, no attention was paid to protect the minaret. Now, we are extremely concerned that the minaret will collapse in the coming winter,” said Hassan Hakim, a civil rights activist. The Minaret of Jam was built around 800 years ago in the era of King Ghiasuddin Ghori.

It is 62 meters high and was built entirely of baked bricks and is famous for its intricate brick, stucco and glazed tile decoration.

“The international organizations, particularly UNESCO which is responsible for the protection of historic heritage, unfortunately despite giving promises to protect and repair the minaret didn’t fulfill those promises,” said Nazar Mohammad Saqib, a cultural activist.

The minaret has been on the UNESCO List of World Heritage Properties in Danger since 2002.

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