Ghani hands over fumigation vans, health cards to employees


Minister of Labor and Manpower of Sindh Saeed Ghani has said that amendments have been made in the local government laws, in which the mayor and chairmen have been kept involved in the institutions. Issuance of health cards by District East for its employees is a good initiative, while DMC East has increased the facilities of the people living in this DMC by installing fumigation vehicles and big machines on it.

He expressed these views while addressing the function of giving fumigation vans and health cards to employees in DMC East Jamshed zone on Monday and later interacting with the media. On this occasion, Administrator East Rahmatullah Sheikh, Municipal Commissioner East Faheem Khan, and others were also present with him. Saeed Ghani along with Administrator Rehmatullah Sheikh and Municipal Commissioner Faheem Khan and other officers inaugurated five fumigation vans in the office of Jamshed Zone and issued health cards to provide health facilities to the employees.

Speaking at the ceremony organized on this occasion, Saeed Ghani said that DMC East has taken good steps to provide facilities to the citizens and the people. He said that it is hoped that the number of these machines will increase further

He said that in this era of inflation, it is necessary to be carefree on behalf of health and education. DMC East has provided this facility to its employees in which sufficient facilities are being provided. He praised the efforts of administrator Rahmatullah Sheikh and his team in great words.

Answering the questions of journalists, Saeed Ghani said that whoever replaces Murtaza Wahab will work for the city. It has been implemented in institutions. He said that if the powers are transferred, there will be no need for local government representatives in Sindh government. In response to a question, he said that political parties will try to achieve success in local body elections. On the question of political dialogue with PTI, Saeed Ghani said that if PTI shows seriousness, then it can also be the case, he said that Imran Khan is another Sheikh Rashid, what he says is not true.

In response to another question, he said that the army has categorically said that they will stay away from politics; democratic political parties should welcome this. On the question regarding the flood victims, Saeed Ghani said that they will not leave the flood victims alone, they will compensate their losses, they will make them houses again, and financial assistance will also be provided to the affected farmers.