Ghani for strict adherence of schools, universities to laid down SOPs


Minister Education Sindh Saeed Ghani has said that the first eighth and universities across the Sindh will open from February 1, but all the official and private educational institutions will be bound to call children to 50% one day and 50% on second day.

Without examination, no one will be sent to the next classes this year and 60 percent of course will go to exams after completion. The committee made by the steering committee of the Department of Education will present its report regarding the current and next educational years, examination schedule, holidays and entrance, which has been asked for the meeting of the steering committee again on January 30, which will be finalized by the financial decision of all private education institutions so that they can find the number of students and students in the province in the province and know the real interest rate. He expressed his views by the media after the meeting of the Department of Education, the meeting of the Department of Education, in the Sindh Assembly Committee. The meeting in the meeting Secretary Education, and colleges, chairperson of all boards and universities, experts, specialist schools and other co-operatives. Saeed Ghani said that the teaching process has been started for the nineth day and the eighth and the teaching of the universities will be started from February 1.

He said that last year, the academic plan was compiled in the past, but due to the Covid, it was reduced to 40 percent in the educational curriculum and was repeatedly repeatedly for the 2-month educational institution. He said that all the stakeholders have agreed that the year without examination will not be permitted in other classes, along with completion of 60 percent of the curriculum, for examination, we should not take exams for two months for it.  Saeed Ghani said that we have a committee of the steering committee, which is the members of the school and college members, and the authorities of the same as the authorities, and they have to choose a member, then this committee would set up the educational plan in the next one and the next year, 2020-21 and 2021-22, as well as examine the examination, holidays, and other2, and examination of other staff, and then asking for the steering committee, which will be finalized by all the stakeholders’ consultation. Saeed Ghani said that when all educational institutions will be opened by February 1, all the official and private educational institutions will be bound to call children in two groups instead of calling all children, one day and another day, another day, another child will be at school three days and three days in the week.

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