Ghandhara, Chery plan to invest $10m in Pakistan’s automotive industry


Leading Chinese automaker Chery has launched in Pakistan through a manufacturing and licensing agreement with Ghandhara Group.

This initiative has initially injected an investment of Rs. 2.4 billion in Pakistan’s automotive sector. Besides, it has brought myriad employment opportunities and financial benefits for the country’s hospitalized economy. Both entities have planned to increase the production capacity and ameliorate product quality while embracing the latest trends in technology.

Ghandhara and Chery are eyeing localization and export as the next targets. Following the successful infiltration into Pakistan’s market, the companies are now looking to penetrate South Asia and other emerging markets. This endeavor promises to give a great boost to Pakistan’s export sector helping the economy tackle financial challenges and improve GDP.

The official brand launch of Chery Automobiles Co. Ltd. named, “A Glance Into The Future of SUVs” was arranged at Marriott Islamabad. It was an official celebration of Chery’s triumphant entry into Pakistan’s automotive market. The event was attended by Chinese diplomats, politicians, senior government officials, businessmen, media personnel, and influencers. Moreover, Chery’s top-of-the-line award-winning models “Tiggo-8 Pro” and “Tiggo-4 Pro” were also showcased during the event.

While addressing the attendees, the Executive Vice President of Chery, Charlie Zhang said, “Chery’s entrance to Pakistan’s automotive market represents a colossal leap in the ongoing progress of local manufacturing infrastructure and economic activity.”

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