Getty releases album of photographs of second Anglo-Afghan War



The Getty Research Institute has published an album of photographs from the Second Anglo-Afghan War that were taken in the nineteenth century.

Sixty old photographs that show Kandahar province residents’ daily lives in the 19th century have been collected into one electronic gallery.

Kandahar province, which was once the capital of Afghanistan, is the second-largest city in the region. The key historical sites of Kandahar include Shuhada Square, Chehel Zina, Kharqa Mubarak, Shakapar Gate, and Eidgah Gate.

“Kandahar has many different kinds of Islamic history, including the political, social and even the cultural history of Islam,” said Jawan Shir Rasekh, a historian.

The lives and economic status of the people who lived in Kandahar province are shown in these photographs.


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