Get rid of Imran phobia and focus on performance


Mahar tells govt in NA budget session …


Ijaz Kakakhel

The Shehbaz Sharif led coalition government on Monday was asked to come out of the “Imran Khan” phobia and concentrate on people’s welfare as the price hike has made masses’ lives miserable.

The Grand Democratic Alliance leader Ghous Bux Mahar made this statement in the national assembly while taking part in debate on federal budget 2022-23. He advised the government to focus on performance. The GDA leader said the targets eyed by the government in the budget for the fiscal year 2022-23 are “unrealistic and un-implementable”.

In his speech, Mahar said the government’s decision to hike petroleum prices has led to an increase in the rates of commodities across the board.

“I fear that the price of petrol might shoot up to Rs400 per litre the price of fertilizers has also increased after the hike in electricity tariff,” he said. The GDA leader added that the incumbent government, like its predecessor, is knocking on the door of the International Monetary Fund. “When you knew about the problems, then why did you decide to voluntarily fall in the pit?” he asked the government.

“How will you repay debts worth $21 billion with reserves of $9 billion?” Mahar asked. He said it was a matter of disgrace for Pakistan as it had to import pulses and wheat. The GDA leader said that the crops were destroyed in Sindh as the government had not released water for the province.

Moving on to the Opposition Leader in the National Assembly, Mahar said that Raja Raiz, a member of the PTI, had stated that he would contest the next elections on the ticket of the PML-N, the major stakeholder of the coalition government. “What role will this sort of an Opposition leader play?” he asked.

Before Mahar, opposition leader in NA Raja Riaz had started the debate on the budget and noted that the rulers would have to take “concrete measures” for the poor and middle-class people of the country.

The Opposition leader demanded that the government, for making the agricultural industry self-sufficient, should grant subsidies on diesel and electricity, which it is removing gradually in line with the IMF’s requirements.

Criticizing the government, Riaz said it had banned the import of commodities but failed to curb smuggling. “Cigarettes are currently being smuggled in Pakistan,” the Opposition leader said.

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