German embassy arranges Eco-Cinema and short-movie contest on Climate Change


The embassy of Federal Republic of Germany organized an eco-film festival in the Fatima Jinnah (F-9) Park.

The event was meant to create awareness of climate change and a sense of responsibility among the general public, especially school children and youth for collective climate action.

An overwhelming number of children, parents and teachers from different schools attended the event.

An animated film, “The Adventure Planet”, was also projected in an open-air mode; and the participants remained engaged with the movie with enthusiasm and great interest.

Philipp Deichmann, Deputy Head of German Mission accompanied by the first secretary Dorota Berezicki, inaugurated the event by planting a tree, followed by his speech.

Mr Philipp highlighted the 60 years of Germany-Pakistan friendship under which Germany has provided financial and technical assistance to Pakistan.

Under a recently signed “Germany-Pakistan climate and energy initiative”, Germany will provide multimillion Euros over the coming 3-4 years to enhance the capacity of Pakistani institutions to adapt to climate change and accelerate the country’s efforts for significant change in society’s attitude towards climate change and transition to a low-carbon future.

The embassy organized different environment games to educate the children on how climate change affected our lives, foods, lifestyles, and our responsibilities to look after our planet.

As per the theme of the event, only food stalls selling eco-friendly food items were allowed to serve the food on the event site, which was very much liked and appreciated by the guests and children. Parallel with this, a farmer’s market was established to sell organic foods and health care products.

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