GEPCO CE to hold e-court on 22nd


Gujranwala Electric Power Company (GEPCO) CE Mohsin Raza Khan will hold online open court on July 22 at GEPCO Headquarters to solve the consumers’ complaint immediately.
In view of current corona pandemic, he would hear consumers’ complaints live from 11am to 1pm through telephone numbers 055-9200592, 055-9200516, 055-9200504 for early redress of consumers’ complaints. GEPCO has directed the electricity consumers to follow the instructions, issued by the GEPCO to save them from any mishap during the current rainy season.
According to the GEPCO spokesman, consumers should not use metal wire to dry the cloths because electricity current easily embedded in metal wires while three pins plug should be use for iron, washing machine, refrigerators, water pumps and other electricity gadgets and such items should be properly earthed, any fault in electricity wiring should be immediately removed.
In addition, dry cloth, blanket, wood piece and rubber sole shoe should be used while ironing the cloth and don’t touch the electricity switch, wire and gadget in case of wet hands, cloths or shoes.
It is further directed that don’t bind the animal with stay wire of electricity poles and under the high tension lines because it could be cause of any calamity. In case of current in electricity pole, electricity wiring, wall or fallen electricity wires then immediately inform at toll free No. 080066554 or FESCO emergency No.118 so that it could be redressed immediately and till the arrival of FESCO staff do not touch any wire or pole.

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