General Tyre to reiterate market leadership thru technological advancements

Staff Reporter

Reflecting a fresh outlook, General Tyre and Rubber Company (GTR) one of the country’s premier suppliers of tyres, is rebranding itself to resonate more effectively with a younger demographic which forms bulk of the company’s customer base.

The organization will now carry a revamped logo to assert itself as a name which has been synonymous with road safety and ride performance for more than 50 years.

The new logo is a vibrant and distinct take to rejuvenate the image in the minds of its target audience.

GTR the new logo is a personification of the company’s dynamic vision to be the leader in tyre technology through quality improvement, competitive prices, customers’ satisfaction and meeting social obligations.

Speaking on the development, Hussain Kuli Khan, CEO/M.D, General Tyre and Rubber Company of Pakistan, stated; “The visual cues like logos and taglines speak volumes about what it stands for and how it envisions to deliver the core offerings to customers.