Gender policy


INTERNATIONAL Women Day was observed across the country on Tuesday with scores of events organized to emphasize the greater role of women folk in the society.

The government also launched the country’s first and quite ambitious Gender National Policy Framework aimed at closing the gender gap in education, employment besides focusing on promoting their role in decision making.

Present government really deserves appreciation for taking extraordinary steps for economic empowerment and protection of women.

Amongst the most prominent ones are the legislation including the Enforcement of Women’s Property Rights and anti-Rape laws.

The effort put in especially by Minister for Human Rights Shireen Mazari in these laws is really commendable.

And now the initiative of gender policy is a step in the right direction to promote the role of women in the society.

Women already are making immense contribution in different walks of life.They are now joining the departments such as Pakistan Army and Air Force which earlier were considered to be no go zone for them.

Their participation indeed is a must if we really want to take forward the country as they constitute about half of the population.

The most important feature of the gender policy is the focus on female education.

Over the years the female students have proved themselves more talented and outclassing the boys in important exams.

However, at the same time, it has also been observed that their dropout rate from educational institutions is also higher.

This is something which needs to be checked and we expect that under the gender policy, causes that lead to the dropout of girls from schools will be addressed.

It must be ensured that no girl is deprived of education mere because of meagre financial resources of her family.

The government must fully support such families and then ensure that the educational institutions, especially in the rural and far flung areas are also within the reach of girls.

Rural women have been making immense contribution to the country’s economy and food security through their hard work but it is regrettable that their services are never recognized.

Giving a voice and empowering them will go a long way in changing the landscape of our agriculture sector.

We will also suggest the government to organize a mega event to recognize the services of rural women.


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