Gen (r) Bajwa threatens to sue journalist Shahid Maitla over ‘fake interview claims’


ISLAMABAD – Pakistan’s former chief of army staff Qamar Javed Bajwa hanged his boots in November last year but he continued to remain in news.

This time, it’s Pakistani journalist Shahid Maitla who shared shocking revelations in his alleged interview with former COAS.

As the interview of former COAS started making waves, it draws a response from journalists, and eventually, General (r) Bajwa came forward and denied giving any interview to Shahid Maitla.

Noted TV show host Kamran Shahid shared a tweet, saying Ex-COAS General Bajwa has just shared with me the following statement that he had not given any interview to anybody. “I am not allowed to give any statement, comment or interview till 29 Nov 2024,” the post reads.

Besides speaking with Kamran Shahid, the former army chief shared his side of the story with a private news channel, saying stories doing rounds on social media under his name were ‘fake’.

He was asked, “Would you volunteer yourself to testify at any forum if the government decides to investigate any event that took place during your tenure?”

He refused to comment on allegations made by PTI chief Imran Khan and also dodged questions of being part of investigations against him.

As former COAS denied giving any statement in light of the law, journalist Shahid Maitla stands firm on the story he published. Sharing his side, Maitla said it was a conversation that turned into a casual interview, and coined it as ‘journalistic interaction’.